April 24, 2020

Wedding Part One| Stephen & Karissa | Married

Y’all!  This wedding, this couple has been so dear to me since Karissa and I first met when she was interested in booking. Never had I met her before. Only one email and a couple of Instagram DMs but I felt like I already knew her so well. We did their incredible engagement at Max Patch if you haven’t seen those you can do so clicking here. Then a pandemic happened. Covid-19, Coronavirus whatever you want to call happened. Just about 5 weeks before Stephen and Karissa’s wedding the wedding industry took a devastating hit. Not only to professionals but small businesses and most importantly brides and grooms. There was a state ordered to of no mass gathers. Went from 100 people to 10 in just a few of days. We have never dealt with this. A pandemic. Uncharted waters. Thankful for this sweet couple we proceeded with postponing their wedding. It’s difficult and exhausting decision to make when you’ve been planing a wedding for 12-14 months in advance. But their decision was easy they were going to continue to get married on April 18th 2020. Stephen and Karissa started dating on 5/28/17. 528 days later Stephen proposed to Karissa. Then 528 days from their engagement they got married. Ya’ll what they pulled together in a matter of weeks just made me speechless. I’m still trying to find words. Stephen and Karissa’s corona wedding and what I’m calling part 1. Part 1 is the intimate ceremony while following North Carolina’s orders. Outdoors and 10 person limit. Part 2 will be the big celebration now in August with all their guest. This ceremony took place at Stephen’s parents backyard in Winston-Salem. Simple yet a thought out backup plan they did in less than a month. The way the sunset in the yard was perfect. The food by the groom’s father was exquisite. Karissa found a dress online to save her dress for later. It was the little things and small details that the family and friends did for them to make that day as wonderful even though it wasn’t their original wedding plans. You plan, God laughs. I’m praising Him big on this one. Even though April 18th wasn’t the kickoff I imagined at the beginning of the year for 2020 weddings, it was so much more!!!! That’s what I’m grateful for. Karissa saw the positive in this storm that she will have two celebrations now and while I was packing up my camera bag I told Karissa, that you are going to love your big wedding but this – your small wedding you are going to cherish it so much. 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Warnimont!!