I believe in love at first sight, that everything happens for a reason. I believe in real moments and chasing sunsets. In the kinds of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together. I believe in images that are itching to be printed, placed in beautiful frames and hung on walls for years to come. 
I began capturing at the age of 20 when I discovered that a nursing degree was not in my path. I did a full 360 degrees my second year at East Carolina University. The countless hours and art projects to obtain a Bachelors of Fine Art focusing in photography made me really observe the beauty in the world, and the people around me. I was really seeing that no matter how small the detail is it is important. 

the lady behind the lens

1 Corinthians 15:58

be strong and unmovable

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Why not both? I wanna see the world! There are so many unique and beautiful places around the world while some are  just in our backyard. 

Traveling or Staying Put?

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Go ahead and call me! I love to talk on the phone. Today we get lazy with texting and it's not real communication. You can't get a sense of someone's personality or even emotion. Plus I can accomplish more in a 5 minute chat that 20 text messages!   

Phone Call or Text?

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Pup Pups all day everyday! I could not imagine how sad life would be without dogs. My sweet companion is Just Jack, a 6 year old stray-Jack Russell mix. He's the light of my life. 
I just adore all my couples dogs we they are in their weddings and come to portrait sessions.

Dog or Cat?

Pizza, I could possibly eat this everyday! and Tacos too please!

favorite meal?

 Margaritas! - I'll bring the tequila!

favorite drink?

Testing out my inner Joanna Gaines skills.

favorite weekend activity?

FRIENDS. When your sad or nothing else to watch there is always Friends.

favorite tv shows?

My dog! 

what lights me up on a daily basis?

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