April 28, 2021

Tarboro NC Wedding Photographer | Deanna | Bridals

This day will be one of my favorites this year! I took a day trip down to Eastern Carolina for Deanna’s bridals. I first got lunch with my best friend from college in Greenville, and then headed to Tarboro mid afternoon. Deanna and I had not previous discussed shooting locations, I figured we were going to church and the reception site for the wedding. Oh was I wrong and I got super excited when she texted me a gate code. The location Deanna chose for her bridals did not disappoint! Who knew tucked away in Tarboro, NC is a french chateau inspired home because I didn’t and overly grateful to their family friend, Mr. Anthony Edwards for sharing his beautiful place. I love Deanna and her effortless gorgeous look and how she is such a delight to be around. Classic dress with a half bow on the back was just stunning. When spent the afternoon walking around this property that included live oaks, water and geese! And when the shoot was over we went to dinner. I really got to learn all about this little town and Deanna, her family. So very charming! I hope to never forget this day! And Mrs. Anderson is now a married woman! Enjoy!