June 26, 2018

Roan Mountain Tennessee Wedding Photographer | Kiera and Jared | Engaged

Here lately the good  just keeps getting better. Holy moly!!!!! This Roan Mountain Tennessee engagement session gives me all the feels. I’ve had interest in shooting at Roan Mountain for some time now and the week of Kiera and Jared‘s engagement session Roan Mountain popped up in my newsfeed. During the month of June is the perfect time for an engagement session because all of the Rhododendron is in bloom. I knew Kiera wanted her engagement photos to take place somewhere in the mountains, because that is where Jared proposed to her. So of course I jumped to asking her because since we were only a few days away from this shoot! Her reply was “perfect and see you there!”

I’m also very thankful for community over competition, a fellow photographer and adventurist was at Roan Mountain that week and a sent her a message and she informed me of all knowledge since Roan Mountain isn’t a short drive from Winston-Salem for scouting. Thank goodness for Lauren!!! I was still nervous and don’t like to be in areas without no cell service!! Right? YIKES especially since we were travel there separately. Even so and one little turn around, they found me.

It had rained just an hour before and was thundering when I arrived but it stayed cloddish for a bit and later into their shoot the skies cleared off. My first and will not be my last visit here, I fell in love with this location and couple! So many lush greens everywhere and after short half mile hike up to Round Bald. The location just opens up with a 360 view. It is freaking spectacular!!!!! Jared and Keira were amazing! Their attire was so fitting for the grassy field and blue cascading mountains. We shot until there was no light left in the sky. As we followed the Appalachian Trail back down in almost complete darkness and lighting the way with a cell phone flashlight. I felt a wave of calmness come over me of how amazing and successful this engagement session was! I never felt so alive!!!!  Cheers to Keira and Jared on their engagement and thank you so much for this incredible adventure!!