December 18, 2015

NC Styled Proposal | Justin & Dayle | Engaged

Justin and Dayle

When you know, you know. Justin knew within a few months of dating Dayle knew that she was the one. Justin first mentioned to me about proposing to Dayle at her sister Dana’s wedding on October 10th this year. He had a couple of ideas in his head of how he wanted to do it. When I asked when he would like to do this? He replied probably next April. That changed quickly when Dayle’s best friend Jessica told me he was going to look at rings. Justin also bought a ring that same day. This was only a month after he had talked to me. Justin overly excited started talking about new plans about proposing and the date moved up to January, then December and then the last weekend in November, Justin jokingly told Jessica that he was going to do the day that they were doing family portraits for Christmas. Jessica wasn’t to fond of this but knew that if I styled it right it could be done. I had a little inspiration from an image I’d seen from one of the many other amazing wedding photographers out there. Justin saw the image wanted to do that.

Jodi Gray Photography christmas sessions were located in a field of holly trees. The second half of the field consist of baby Leyland Cypress trees. From where my sessions took place you weren’t able to see over the holly tree to see all the balloons. We had mentioned to Dayle about having another session after her christmas photos just incase she saw the balloons. Since her christmas photos was a gift to her parents, her sister Dana and husband Matt, older brother Dave and girlfriend Emily were all there along with their doggy family members. We decided to start shooting with Dave and Emily first. Everyone was standing around and I looked at Justin and mouthed “It’s time”. He turned around and walked away, through all the holly trees to the spot in front of the balloons where I placed a bouquet of white roses so that he knew where to stand. I’m over here trying not to seem noticeable and Dayle’s like “where did Justin go”? She even called him! I figured I better get on out there to be ready. So I left that spot in the field without saying anything either. Hoping Jessica would soon direct her that way.

As Dayle entered out to the opening of the field of smaller trees she couldn’t believe what was about to happen. This wasn’t another session. Justin was standing out there and was about to proposal. All Dayle could say was “WHAT?!” or “NAH UH” is disbelief that this was really happening. It was just days before she had witness a styled proposal John and Jessica because she there helping me. On November 29th 2015 it was her day and Justin’s proposal to her! Not only did Justin propose once, he proposed twice. The first time Justin got on one knee he proposed with an heirloom ring of Dayle’s Grandmother. Then the second time he got on one knee was with the ring he had got her. Both were beautiful rings but her jaw really dropped that he had two rings! Dayle said YES! TWICE! Congratulations Justin and Dayle on your engagement!
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