November 21, 2018

Belews Creek NC Photographer | Dogwood Farms | Alix and Trevor

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I’m not quite ready for fall to be over, the leaves are quickly falling off. Though these images truly show just how magical October can be! So humble to have this young lady and her beau in front of my camera. The Zinnias were gorgeous but not comparable to this couple. Go ahead and read all about them!

How they met: 

We met our during our senior year of high school. Although we went to different schools we both had our afternoon classes at Career Center. According to Trevor he had been watching me for a few weeks and one day decided to talk to me after talking to a mutual friend about me. At first we both didn’t like each other at all, but something was still there. After a month or so we ended up talking after school and something changed for us both and we started talking to each other more and began to date . 

First Date: our first date was at the new Dairio in Kernersville. I remember being nervous in a way I never had before around anyone. I hardly said a word to him and blushed the entire time. He said he felt awkward talking the entire time because I wouldn’t say hardly anything back to him, but he didn’t want to sit there in silence. He said he figured I’d warm up after a while, but I was still very nervous for the first couple of dates. 

New Years Eve: New Year’s Eve is our anniversary technically, although we always celebrate it on New Year’s Day since it was almost midnight when he asked me. He picked me up from my house and when I got in the truck he had a card and a Jared’s bag waiting in my seat for me. The card was actually his racing autograph card and on the back he signed “Will you be mine? Trevor Ward #77” The Jared’s bag contained a Pandora bracelet with the charms “T ❤️ A” on it. He said he picked the charms out because nothing better expressed how he felt about me, even though it was very simple.  I was so excited and happily said yes. I’ve worn that bracelet nearly every day since we’ve been together and he’s added many more charms to it since. I always let him pick out the charms for it and we’ve decided that on one side we put charms that relate to him and on the other side we put charms that relate to me. 

I think one of the sweetest things about Trevor is that sometimes he can’t find the right words to say to me about how he feels or how much he loves me, other than simply telling me that he loves me constantly. But he always picks out the best gifts for me that are so meaningful. 

One year for my birthday he got me a promise ring. To promise me that he loves me always. He wrote on the card that when I wear it I will always know I have him to take care of me, be there for me, and love me. 

I of course thought that was so sweet. And when I asked him how he picked the ring out he told me he found one that had gold and silver bands intertwining. And since he likes silver and I like gold best he thought it was perfect. Including the heart shape represented underneath the diamond. 

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