May 9, 2018

Pilot Mountain State Park | NC Wedding Photographer | Surprise Proposal | Madisyn and Andrew

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It is so wonderful how things have a way of working out and falling perfectly in place. Last week on Thursday morning I received an email from a mother who was trying to find a photographer for her son’s proposal to his girlfriend. If it wasn’t for potentially bad weather for Saturday and a scramble of rearranging plans then I may have not received that email. After a couple of emails to Andrew’s mother and Andrew calling me, within about 15 minutes we had a plan! Andrew and Madisyn were going on a weekend trip to stay in a cabin in West Jefferson, NC. Explore the area, state parks, and the town of Mayberry. Next day, that evening I went up to the best location on Pilot Mountain that I could describe to Andrew and doodle on an area view map so Andrew would know where to stand and where I’d be. Though to be extra certain, I brought my niece Payton along and told him, where she is standing is where you should be and Payton will move once you two approach that spot. It worked! It was perfect! Andrew had slipped a custom-made wooden ring box out of black gum with laser engraved initials and hinged by a bronze screw removed from an 1870’s skull boat. The most touching part was the wood craftsman, Brad Taylor was one of Madisyn’s middle school teachers. You can find his creative work here Compass Woodwork Co. Once they had reached the tree, Andrew told Madisyn that he wanted to take a picture of her right there. As expected Madisyn was looking out at the views down below and had her back turned to Andrew. He then dropped to one knee and told her to turn around. Now I’ve been a part of a couple or so more proposals but Madisyn’s reaction will be one of my favorites. She could not contain all of the emotion. Tears of joy, shock, disbelief, smiles, and the laughter. She said YES! She just couldn’t get over how beautiful her ring was and how this really did just happen. It was everything she wanted. I’m just over here with chill bumps mainly because I am the hopeless romantic and I get to witness these life-changing events.  It means so much to me. I praised Andrew for doing a wonderful job of how he proposed to Madisyn. And lucky me and our uncertain NC weather that allowed our paths to cross. Congratulations to Madisyn and Andrew!

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